Cake Smash photography is a trend that started in the US. Parents would use the images from the session for the birthday child’s party invites. This meant the session often took place a month of so before their actual birthday.  I find most of my parents like to book their little one’s session on or around their birthday.

The actual Cake smash shoots are child led, this means we go at your children’s pace. If they are getting bored we move on. It they want a break we take a break. Because of this shoots can sometimes take longer. So when I say allow 2 – 3 hours for a shoot this isn’t all shoot time. Sometimes we’ll sit and have a cup of tea while your child settles and starts to feel comfortable being in a studio environment. I only ever book one shoot a day so all timings are worked around your little one and their routine.

Cake Smash sessions are geared towards your child having fun! Some people are put off by the idea of a child smashing a cake but honestly, it’s not cheesy or tacky, I just think of it as messy play. Education experts say that play is the work of the child, this is true for all children especially babies and toddlers.Parents at home often find messy play can be stressful and a lot of work and for this reason, I think messy play is often undervalued. Messy play is important because it taps into a child’s natural sense of curiosity about the world around them. The focus isn’t about producing or making it’s more about giving a child an opportunity to explore what they are playing with.

What looks like a mess on the surface really is a learning experience for your child, here are a few of the benefits of messy play:

  • stimulates the senses.
  • helps your child experience a variety of textures.
  • Develops hand-eye coordinations and fine motor skills.

For me it’s always interesting to see the way children react differently. 🙂 I will also say most parents are surprised at how little cake is actually eaten.

My cake smash shoots have four stages.

  1. Stage one is where your one year old gets to have some fun images in the studio before they’re all covered in cake. Bring a change of outfit if you want!
  2. Stage two is where we introduce the cake, and most 1 year olds can’t quite believe their luck! If you have a child that doesn’t eat cake or indeed the idea them eating cake doesn’t appeal, what about a foot painting or hand painting session, another fun way to celebrate but without the sugar!
  3. Stage three is bath time, yes in the studio! They can have a good splash and get clean, I found that baby wipes just weren’t man enough for the job and wanted to incorporate the fun they had in the bath in the shoot.
  4. Stage four is the stage where you get to go home with your exhausted, clean 1 year old. and I tidy up! 🙂

“Sally was very professional but so chilled and relaxed with it. She understands children’s needs and realises that they do have stroppy moments and will always take breaks or let them sleep when they need during the shoot. There is no pressure to hurry up and sit still and her attitude is great. The quality of the photos is gorgeous and worth every penny! Lots of special and amazing moments Sally captured and I will always use her again”


Your viewing session will normally take please within two weeks after your shoot, but if you are in a rush, please do mention it and I can do my best to accommodate your time scale.

After you’ve ordered: Prints will normally be ready two weeks after selection. In exceptional circumstances prints can be done if needed within 24 hours, but generally it takes at least two weeks. The time scale for other products is:

  • Framing is 3 – 4 weeks, all frames and mounts are custom made to order.
  • Books, canvas’ and other wall products take 4+ weeks, but I can give a more accurate time frame once your order has been placed.
  • I appreciate that clients may wish to purchase the digital files of their images to keep and share. If you purchase high-resolution files you will be provided with a release for unlimited printing for your own use.

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I aim to give all my clients the images they expect, the service they are promised and my full attention, before, during and after their shoot. My clients get a photographer that is truly dedicated to what she does.

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