Where do sessions take place?

All Cake Smash Sessions take place in my baby friendly studio in Braintree in Essex – CM7 9RX.

How Far in advance do I need to book my little one’s Cake Smash Session?

If you are looking to book your little one’s Cake Smash Session on a particular date then I do recommend booking in advance at least six month is recommended especially for weekend slots. If  you are flexible with dates then I would recommend booking a month in advance. I need at least two weeks notice for custom cake orders.

Do you just do Cake Smash Sessions for one year olds?

No I’ve often done Cake Smash Session for 2 year olds too, they had so much fun the first time around they wanted to come back for more. I personally feel that it’s not age appropriate to offer Cake Smash Sessions for 3 and above.

How Do I book a Cake Smash Session?

Once you have confirmed your preferred date is free you can go ahead and purchase your session free from this link: Cake Smash Session Fee

What is included in the Cake Smash Session Fee?

The £100 Session Fee Includes:

  • My time and creative talent on the day of the photoshoot
  • Flexibility over timings, I only ever book one shoot a day, my aim is not to pressure you into exact timings especially after just having a new baby. My shoots are relaxed and ‘baby led’.
  • A custom Cake
  • Use of any props and accessories as required.
  • Preparation of your images for your viewing session.
  • A custom viewing session with advice on ordering and products.
  • Session Fees do not include any products
I often hear people talk about styled Cake Smash Sessions… what is this?

Personally I think simple is best, but I do love to see sessions co-ordinated. For instance matching what your child is wearing to the cake.

The main thing to consider is how your chosen colours will photograph. Bright red is not a great colour for the camera or for print so I would recommend avoiding that. I also have various different options for background colours, I have grey, cream, and stone in the studio.

Parents are welcome to bring along any accessories they wish, I would recommend latex balloons over silver foil, as the silver foil doesn’t photograph well. There are all sorts of amazing balloons you can purchase online that a filled with confetti and are personalised.

Please do think about how you want your final images to look and what you are going to do with them. I am more than happy to discuss in person or over the phone any ideas that you have.

What should my child wear for pre-cake images?

For pre-cake images your child can wear anything you would like to see them in the images, I recommend avoiding narrow strips and logos that will date an image.

No socks or shoes please, this is for safety reasons, plus children’s feet are so cute, and if your child is sitting you don’t want to be looking at the soles of shoes in images.

What should my child wear for smash the cake?

Please do take into consideration that it can get quite messy smashing cakes, so whatever you bring will need to be easily washable.

For little girls I have some gorgeous pettitskirts from Miss Francis and you are more than welcome to borrow them.

For little boys I have a few pairs of denim dungarees. I find lots of my clients like to by onsies with bow ties and number ones. Please do feel free to discuss your ideas before the shoot.

I have found Laurraine from Cake Smash Props has been super helpful to previous clients and her website can be found here: Cake Smash Props.

Another good place to source things is Etsy although please be aware that some Etsy suppliers may be based in the US, so products may take a while to be shipped and customs charges may apply.

What else will I need to bring?

I would recommend bringing a drink and a snack and some toys from home and anything else you would like to feature in your little one’s shoot! 🙂

What cakes do you offer?

The cake smash session fee includes a custom cake to smash. The custom cake is exactly that, a custom cake made to your specifications. On this page you can see some of the amazing custom cakes that have been supplied by my very talented cake maker, not only do they look amazing they are super delicious too, if there’s anything left obviously you are more than welcome to take the cake home to finish.

My Child has a food allergy, can you still provide the cake?

If your child has a food allergy I would recommend purchasing the custom cake option or bringing your own cake. Little Lucy’s Bakery will make sure that all food allergies are catered for, please do message me with details of your child’s allergies and I can speak to Lucy.

Can my 1 year olds sibling’s come along to the session, are we able to get images of all my children together?

Yes of course, please do bring siblings!

Do you really bath them in the studio or do you pretend?

Yes I really do! 🙂 Where’s the fun if you don’t have water? I have a super gentle bubble bath that I use and your little one will have a fantastic time splashing in my miniature victorian bath tub. Clean bath towels will be provide so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.